Destiny and the Eight Ball

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The Eight Ball has some significance in military jargon for being “the odd one”. Also there is the phrase “behind the eight-ball” meaning in a tough spot or in trouble. Which in the case of the three Guardians in the video, they are in definite risk, which is pointed out by their trusty Ghost.

Now this is a weird one but I thought I would point it out and you can decide to dismiss it as coincidence. While searching for Jade Rabbit and eight ball on Google I stumbled across a Bugs Bunny cartoon titled “Eight Ball Bunny.” The cartoon follows the story of a lost tap dancing penguin that enlists the help of Bugs Bunny to take him home…which Bugs thinks is the South Pole. I don’t want to ruin the story but he’s from Hoboken NJ. Anyways, as I am watching the cartoon I notice at exactly 3:14 into the video they focus on an Ocean liner called the “Admiral Byrd”, then the name is spoken by a sailor character and then again at 3:50 a float is shown with the name written on it. I don’t know why but the name just stuck out in my head, and again I Googled something new, “Admiral Byrd.”


8 Ball Bunny Still: What’s Up Byrd?

Admiral Who?

Admiral Byrd was naval officer known for exploration back in the 1950s. He also believed in the “Hollow Earth” hypothesis, which states that the earth is actually hollow and contains incredible interior space, enough to house an entire undiscovered civilization and ecosystem. The last portion of the LIVE Action Trailer you find the three Guardians standing at the edge of a deep chasm.


Giant Pit O Doom?
They did not state where they were, but a few seconds before they landed you can see it looks like Earth. Is it a coincidence that the last thing they do is dive into a hole to the center of the earth, stating “I wonder what’s down there?” Does our adventures in the Destiny story start and end on the same Planet? Does this mean there is more to explore on Earth than Bungie is telling us? Or should I say more to explore inside Earth? Could this be a planet yet to be announced? Mercury?

During the 3.5 hours of the game I have under my belt I noticed my Ghost say something pretty substantial. During the first story mission on the Moon, Dinks says something along the lines of “The ground beneath us is hollow for miles on end. No telling what is down there.” To me that happens to be a bit of foreshadowing.

Alchemical and a Bugs Bunny Cartoon

Before you dismiss he Bugs Bunny Cartoon/Hollow Earth theory completely, let me remind you of what we learned in our post Destiny and the Jade Rabbit. According to Legend, the Jade Rabbit created the Elixir of Immortality for the Xian. The Xian sound exactly like what a Guardian is in the game. I also mentioned that Alchemists were people who tried to create the Elixir of Immortality. So why is this important to the 8 Ball Bunny cartoon? Well let me show you the symbol for Alchemy:

Alchemical Symbol

Now scroll back up to the Bugs Bunny Cartoon image and look at the float ring Bugs is hanging on. They look exactly the same, or is it me? So maybe the Bugs Bunny cartoon is a stretch…maybe that was an internet coincidence, right?


Alchemy in the Tower
All of this is just research that I have come across by the natural thread of the internet. Search Jade Rabbit and boom come across the history, that part makes sense. Catch something else then click boom find the next clue. Does it make it true? As for now it is just a theory that is unconfirmed but really interesting to say the least.

What do you guys think? Was Bungie sending out a word puzzle for the internet to solve? Is there something hidden, living inside the earth? Only time will tell.

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