Grimoire Card: Ghost Fragment Hunter

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Who doesn’t enjoy a story of revenge. The Hunter in this Grimoire card sounds like she was cut from the same cloth as the Bride in Kill Bill. So if you happen to have played or are planning on playing today’s (Sept. 20th) Daily Mission, it just so happens to be the post event to the story contained on this Grimoire card.

The following comes directly from the Grimoire Card: Ghost Fragment Hunter

She (the Hunter) leaves the Sparrow and climbs a long way across spars of volcano rock and between vents of blue fire. Down below the Ishtar ruins spark with skirmish light but the guns seem as distant and brief as the constant starfall and the brooding crater high above. She is alone on the rock. She goes on with her head down so as to fight the sense that she is going to fall up off the world and burn like an inverse meteor.

The message that brought her to this place had no sign but she could hear Cayde in it. Draksis in the Cinders it said. Is it true?And also: Remember your promise.


At dawn she finds a sentry and kills it with her knife. Its throat bleeds gas. She takes its post and lays out her bullets one by one on the rock as if to make a count of all the years she has been waiting. Her rifle is near as long as she is tall. She lies down by her bullets and uses them to kill the other sentries one by one until at last they understand the thunder and the Shanks rise up angry from the Cinders below to seek her out.

She leaves the rifle and walks across the naked obsidian into the swarm firing from the hip as she goes, each kick of the old revolver a word, Draksis, Draksis, Kell of Winter, Kell of hate, lord of the kingdom of her vendetta. Her jaw aches. She used to imagine biting out his throat with armored teeth.

The stone smokes around her where the arc fire lashes it and the shrapnel guns throw up leaves of obsidian like glass butterflies. She shoots her bandoliers dry and a team of Vandals in glassy stealth leap up to rush her with knives but she raises her hand and burns them down with the golden gun, laughing, crying out Draksis, Draksis, I am come! (This Error is on the Card)

She kills them all and takes the next ridge, high above the Cinders. She can see the blue-green pools and the cave mouths where the Vex lights dance. And there among them, gowned in smoke and ash, is the long shark shape of a Ketch, a Wintership, the Kell’s ship, come down to nest.

She could go down there now and finish this. But she made a promise.

A Captain jumps her. She throws two knives into his armor and then staves his chest in with her own Ghost, wrapped up in her fist like a stone.

“Tell the Vanguard,” she says to her Ether-spattered fist. “Tell them Draksis is here.”

Her Ghost looks up at her in silence. When she makes no move to go down the cliff towards the ship it blinks once, in its own way, and makes a soft sound, like a sigh, like relief.

So what do we know?

This is the Hunter who confirms the location of Draksis, and sends us on the mission of Ishtar Sink. According to the Grimoire, Draksis, Kell of the Wintership Simiks-fel, is an elusive target for the Vanguards. After his countless raids on jumpship reclamation convoys, Cayde-6 personally upped the bounty on him.


Cayde-6 is the Vanguard for the Hunters. It was his personal wish for this female Hunter to go scout out the location and positively confirm that Draksis’ ship, Ketch, was indeed on Venus? Was the promise mentioned in the fragment simply her word to only scout and not pursue. To contact the Vanguard if she found the ship so they could send other Guardians?

Another interesting bit of info that comes to light with this particular card is the relationship of the Guardian to the Ghost. There has been some speculation as to what level of control the Guardian has compared to the Ghost. I have read some posts online (unfortunately I can’t find them) which hypothesizes that the Ghost is really the one in charge and the Guardian is the sidekick. I think this card explains the relationship between the two pretty clearly, especially when the Hunter uses her Ghost as a pair of brass knuckles and caves in the Captain’s chest.

And finally a bit of speculation. It’s hard to lock down the race of this Hunter but if I would have a guess from the text, I would say that she is Exo. At first I was convinced that she was human or awoken because of the line, “Her jaw aches,” noting that she does indeed feel pain. But right after that statement comes the line, “She used to imagine biting out his throat with armored teeth.” Knowing what we know about the Vex and how they are part living organism and the description “armored teeth” I am going with Exo as my final guess. From the secrecy and stealth the Hunter uses it is obvious that the Vanguard sent her out as a scout, the prototypical lone wolf, but is she a Guardian? Who is the female Hunter?

It is my guess that this card describes the Exo Stranger that we see within the story lines, and here is my reasoning.

According to Destinypedia, one of our storyline interactions with the Exo Stranger;

“she communicates with another individual via radio contact, assuring them that she was with the Guardian. After telling the Guardian that they need her help, she explained that the Vex were responsible for bringing them “here” to their current point or situation. When the Ghost realizes the Exo Stranger is not a Guardian, she confirmed his affirmation, admitting she was not “forged in the light”. She tells the Guardian to seek out and destroy the Black Garden, the birthplace of the Vex. When she is contacted again by the mysterious voice on her communicator, she tells the individual to hold their position and keep from being discovered before disappearing.”

Who is she communicating with at this point? My one crazy guess is she has some relationship with Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard. And a really crazy thought is that she is of relation to him, perhaps a daughter of some sort? Can Exos have families? The Exo Grimoire card doesn’t confirm or deny the possibility of some sort of parental relationship between machines, they are however described as “self aware”. I have read the Grimoire of the Exo Stranger and it leaves us with more questions then answers. I have also read the idea that she may be aligned with the “IX” like Xur. But only time will tell the truth, perhaps we will know more on Sept. 23rd with the launch of The Queens Wrath, story missions.

Regardless, play the Istar Sink Mission and think of this back story. It adds so much to the mission knowing some of the details and reasons why your Guardian is sent out to Venus.

If you enjoyed this type of Blog Post let us know by commenting below and we will work on some more theories and hopefully start connecting some of the Destiny Dots.

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