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Way of the Gun: Legendary Weapons

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We hear a lot about the best Exotic Weapons in Destiny, there are a ton of them. All Yellow-Gold and rare, with cool names like The Last Word and Ice Breaker. Problem is you have to choose just one to use at all times, which leaves you hoping for the right moment to use it. Choose wrong and you loose half the ammo in your bag switching to the right choice.

Take Gjallarhorn for instance, the poster child of Exotics before launch. One of the only weapons to be featured in the Bungie Live-Action Trailer, Gjallarhorn featured the Wolfpack upgrade, which turns it into a multi-cluster projectile firing demon that tracks your enemies. Amazing right?

It has its draw backs, you only get 2 rounds per reload, which if you are in a jam isn’t the best of choices. Also you have to use Heavy Ammo Synthesis, and that takes 900 Glimmer and has a 5 minute cooldown. Not cool while you are trying to take down Atheon in the Vault of Glass. There have been far-to-many times when we needed the mighty Gjallarhorn only to hear that we are 4 minutes away from the end of the Synth cooldown.

So I thought we could pause from the crossing fingers for engram drops and raid runs to discuss Legendary Weapons. Those trusty go-tos that really get you to the tipping point of your enemies demise. The ones that have your back and your ass in every turn of the Patrol, Raid or Crucible.


Unfriendly Giant
Unfriendly is really too harsh. He’s just a bit shy.
Take for instance the Unfriendly Giant, my personal Legendary Rocket Launcher. Has the similar stats as Gjallarhorn and doesn’t have to take up my Exotic spot. Only thing I can see as a plus is for Gjallarhorn is an extra damage…but UG gets the Clown Car clip which grants you a possible extra large clip on reload which will give me three tracking projectiles. To me that is just as good as the extra 96 hit points in damage.

If you beat the Vault of Glass Raid and take down the mighty Aethon that in itself is an amazing achievement. At the time of me writing this post only 15% of the Destiny population have beaten the Vault. According to the PS4 Raider Trophy you get for finishing the run, the reward rate is 6.5%. If you are one of the lucky few, then there is a slim chance you might have this Legendary Weapon drop at your feet, Aethon’s Epilogue.


Atheon’s Epilogue
Aethon’s story is still being written. The wielder holds the pen.
Atheon’s Epilogue is one of the rare Primary weapons that is a Legendary and does Elemental damage. This one does Void damage to all it’s unsuspecting prey, plus the upgrade to do Bonus Damage to Oracles in the Vault of Glass. Which if you have run through the VoG is nice, cause Oracles suck. I have unlocked all the perks on the Rifle and as a Hunter I am loving it, I can’t even imagine being a Titan with this weapon. It does not push the enemy back but it does stop them in their tracks. Once you unlock the stability perk it turns into a frickin’ laser beam of death and destruction. I melt Vex where they stand, the poor bastards don’t stand a chance. I would tell you to go get this rifle, but it is a random drop in the VoG so unless you get lucky or Xur decides to sell it out from under me you are going to have to wait for your day.

The next weapon in my go-to pile is A.1F19X-Ryl, the amazing scout rifle available for purchase at the Vanguard Quartermaster. No this is not a joke.


A.1F19X-Ryl Scout Rifle
Trepanning is the art of cutting the skull open to let the gods in.
I have used this gun around others who are wielding Exotic Weapons and they have asked what the hell I was using that makes people explode. That’s the amazing thing about this scout rifle in particular, ALL CRITICAL HITS cause the victim to EXPLODE and damage all nearby enemies. Not sometimes, not the bottom half of the magazine, not every other reload…every time. Bullet in the head and BOOM. If you are like me and love the Art of the Headshot, and yes it is an Art with a capital A, then you are going to love this weapon. On Patrol A.1F dominates enemies, especially Dregs, who might as well me walking sacks of TNT. A.1F makes the arduous task of 100 Critical Hits Bounty an orchestrated array of explosions rivaling the best fireworks display on any 4th of July. Pound for pound or Vanguard Mark for Mark this gun is worth it’s weight in gold.

Now I’m not saying that I don’t use any Exotic Weapons. If you take a look at My Guardian I carry Ice Breaker…because I love sniper rifles and never have to worry about ammo. There is so much glowing green ammo laying around while I play you would think the entire Cosmodrome had turned into the Loot Cave. So I guess what I am saying is you have to pick the weapons that best fit your style of play. Remember a sword is just a big knife until held by a samurai, only then does it become a weapon.

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