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100 Best Movie Threats to Yell in Trials of Osiris

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It’s been way too many empty trails cards with no wins…and I was running out of things to yell at the TV. So what better thing to do than steal some quotes from some badass movies.

Some of my favorites include the first clip, the great Terence Stamp from the movie Limey, Kurt Russell in Tombstone @:56 convincing Ike Clanton of his love of canoe making and John Turturro as Jesus, giving a lesson in Bowling Lane etiquette @6:23 from the Big Lebowski, (greatest movie of all time.) There are more great ones in here and some not so great ones but I guess they had to stretch for 100 quotes.

If we happen to play a Crucible match together and you see it’s modernbeatnik, be sure to message me a quote of your favorite, or leave it in the comments below…or else I’ll rearrange your closets, sending you junk mail and make you eat your vegetables while doing calculus.

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