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The King of Rumors – 7 Things We Would Like To See

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E3 time is upon us again and of course the rumors start circulating the interwebs about a leaked Destiny Marketing Sheet. A sheet from some unknown source, were guessing Julian Assange, has been sighted by both Planet Destiny and now Kotaku. I make my living as a Creative Director and am around Marketing all day. I don’t know how much of this leak is true, but I can assure you that there is a reason these business tools are called “leaks”, because at the end of the day they don’t hold much water. Instead of speculation, I thought we could discuss what we at TWCFTM want in the next addition of Destiny. One that we could see warrant a $40 price tag.

New Subclasses
This is a given but I like to start with a positive, sue me. It’s a great start for me, although as you can see from the image above there has been a nice warm spot for this new class since Beta. I thought we would have seen this spot filled before the next BIG update but I guess not. The new stated classes sound interesting to say the least, especially the Solar Hammer for the Titan class and the Gravity Bow for the Hunter. I’m an Avengers fan…so bring that shit on.


Please let me kill Aliens here. I promise I will clean up after the Battle.

New Locations
It’s great that there will be a new raid, but if that Raid takes place on the moon and we have to run through The Hellmouth or some other known location then I am disappointed. With the release of Destiny we were treated to four planets with several locations to explore. I want some new locations to explore and fight the Darkness, not a new way to run through the Cosmodrome.

Even if it were additional locations on Earth would be great. Take for instance the new PVP map in Old Europe, I love the downed Devil Walker hanging out of the wall. I want that map in the rotation for PVE, especially if it was a moody night time setting. There are those areas of the Cosmodrome that your run through the dark with nothing but glowing eyes staring at you. I want that experience in an open environment under the light of the moon.

New PVP and PVE Patrol Types
As I was writing this, Bungie rolled out the Elimination style play for this week to test and see how it is received. I think it goes without saying they need to keep expanding on PVP options. I am a big fan of Battlefield, and wouldn’t mind seeing larger battle areas that would allow for more planned strategy and snipe points.

As far as Patrol, we get a Nightfall Strike Playlist…why not a Nightfall Patrol with bigger risks instead of beating up the same level 7 Dregs over and over again. One of my favorite times is when I am alone on Patrol and the Wolves start to frenzy and I have to try and survive. That is good stuff that should be expanded upon for PVE x10.

Private Servers for PVP
Joining a clan and wanting to scrimmage is hard to do with other clans in the current state of PVP. I have been involved in some charity streams and had we had a way to control player access and maps would have been a great way to expand the Destiny PVP choices. I find I like some maps and play styles over others and would really like the opportunity to choose.

Clan Vaults
This one is Inetwebguy’s suggestion and after he explained it to me (WoW peeps should get this) I thought that would be super cool. Have the ability to create Clan based vaults that would allow Clans to pool their resources and share. If you take, then you have to give as well, but that would be an amazing addition to bolster community in Destiny.

Better Forms of Personalization
Way back when we did our first Youtube Video on the Live Action Trailer of Destiny we wanted a way to personalize more of our gear. Weapons skins and armour skins would be a nice addition to the already taxed system of green shaders that everyone has already. Shaders were a great start, but an addition like a Clan logo to our armor or a personal insignia like Battlefield allows would be nice touch.

Story Driven Cut Scenes
Sorry, I might be in the minority, but I missed cutscenes in the last two DLCs. My Ghost is a mute glowing ball that simply opens doors and takes me to orbit. I miss the Epic feeling of some of the cut scenes of the original playthrough. Lines like, “Oh, we slayed a Gate Lord.” Cutting to a Giant Gatelord head materializing and dropping on the floor in front of the Queen and her douche Brother, that was good shit. Hopefully, with the Taken King we will be given more cinematics.

That’s some of what we would like to see. How about you? Let us know what you think in the comments or tweet us @moonW1zard

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  1. DestinyBolty

    June 25, 2015 at 11:41 am

    If you want a home-made firefight, just start up crota raid, go into the abyss (alone or with a group) then go over into the side water and shoot at a thrall or two, then get ready for a long lasting epic level 32 endless wave of murder!